Maggie Sandison, SIC Chief Executive

Maggie recently hit the headlines with her appointment as the first female chief executive of Shetland Islands Council. Music-lover Maggie admits that she found limiting her choice to ten tracks “a significant challenge”. Well-known for her interest in live music, Maggie says: “I constructed my list around my love of watching live music and picked the artists and songs based on the memories they unlock in me of seeing the live band.”


Genevieve White, Shetland Life Editor

Over the coming months, we’ll be asking people to share the music that matters to them in “Tracks” written exclusively for our Shetland Life magazine and website. To kick off this musical medley, our editor Genevieve White shares the tracks of her life.

The Rainbow Connection by Kermit the frog
I grew up in a family of Muppet fans. I don’t know how many times we watched The Muppet Movie together, but I do know that this song is embedded in my psyche.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding
This song reminds me of hanging out in The Meadows, Edinburgh with my school friend when we were teenagers. (I’d like to point out that I wasn’t a teenager when this song was in the charts. We were just a bit retro.)

Marieke by Jacques Brel
At school, I’d always quite liked French. But it wasn’t until a language assistant introduced me to the wonderful Belgian chansonnier Brel that I l decided I LOVED it. Truthfully, Brel would probably be on all ten of my tracks, were it not for the generic conventions of this piece.

Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers
My dad was a master of the mix-tape. He’d spend ages compiling themed cassettes for our long holiday drives. When I left home aged 17 he presented me with one of his finest ever compilations. Ain’t No Sunshine was the title track.

Shallow Grave by Leftfield
In my third year at university I shared a flat with some friends. We loved this film. It was quite a turbulent year though, and I’m always surprised we came through it without having to dig a shallow grave of our own.

I am Waiting by The Rolling Stones
This song makes me think of my husband, Cameron. He takes A LONG time to get ready to go anywhere. For the last 20 or so years I’ve been singing this song to him. Without much effect.

Afrika by KFT
Cameron and I worked in Hungary for a few years. Every Wednesday night we went to see a live band in a local pub and they always played this song.

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream by Simon and Garfunkel
I listened to the album Wednesday morning 3am a lot with our first baby, Ishbel. We were quite often up at 3am in the morning. This music brings back memories of a special (if tiring) time.

The Foggy Dew by Sinead O’Connor
My son Torquil loves this song and has learned all of the verses off by heart. Sinead O’ Connor has a lovely voice, but personally I prefer Torquil’s version.

Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield
I listen to this song a lot at the moment. It’s what I play when I need a little “oomph” to get a job done – whether that be washing the dishes or blitzing the to-do list.