Month: November 2016

November’s issue – out now!

There’s a very strong focus on local food throughout our November issue.

I was delighted to take part in a Come Dine with Me event, genially hosted by local butcher and local food enthusiast Chris Wright. Find out how his meal was rated by our discerning foodie guests! If you think you’ve got what it takes to host a similar event, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Could you manage without imported food? We challenged Aleks McKay to eat local only and keep a diary recording his experiences. How long did he last? You can find out by buying the magazine! (Personally, I’m not sure I could get by on a diet of local food only, but if I lived with the chef who cooked Alex’s meals then I might be prepared to give it a try…)

Bryan Peterson talks about his journey from toasting sassermaet to improvising three course meals. An inspiration for all those who “can’t cook, won’t cook”>

Of course, this issue is also about drink. Neil Riddell talks about his experience of beer brewing and has some of his tipples reviews by our very own beer reviewer.

As usual, there’s a smorgasbord of goodies to enjoy within these pages. Bonne appetite and see you in December for our bumper Christmas special.

A secret garden for everyone

If you’ve been for a wander along Park Lane recently, you will have noticed the wonderful work being done on the community garden.

You can read our exclusive feature on this project in November’s Shetland Life. Don’t forget to pop along and plant a bulb on Saturday, November the 5th. The gardeners will be delighted to see you.

November’s coverstar, Chef Peterson

The face of this month’s Shetland Life is Bryan Peterson: local musician, bon viveur and enthusiastic home chef.

Here’s Bryan’s famous Sassermaet Clatch video, where he reveals the secrets behind this legendary dish (with a little help from his mother, Sunniva).

Why not give Sassermaet Clatch a go in your own kitchen? Just be sure to let us know how you get on with it.

Come Dine with Me: Shetland style

A few discerning guests, one talented host, three delicious courses.

What happened when Shetland Life organised its very own Come Dine with Me event?

Who are the mystery guests filmed delivering their verdict on the drive home?
Who was their delightful host?
Find out in November’s special food and drink issue.