Community Spirit in Bressay

Over the years, the local press has devoted a fair amount of column inches to Bressay’s woes: first there was the bridge debate, and the subsequent division among the community; then there was the gradual, painful demise of the local school, the closure of the Northern Lights Holistic Spa, and Maryfield House Hotel. News of these issues have wafted over the water from time to time: they say that bad news travels fast, after all.
Battered but not broken, Bressay has picked itself up, dusted itself down and is making a positive effort to bring a feeling of unity and shared purpose back into the community.

This month we spoke to Hazel Anderson, chair of the Development Association in Bressay, about some of the positive changes afoot. We also have some stunning photographs of Bressay life by this month’s featured photographer, Austin Taylor.

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