June’s issue: out now!

Welcome to the June magazine. For this month only, Shetland Life magazine has not just one editor, but an editorial team. A group of 15 pupils from Bell’s Brae, Sandwick and Dunrossness Primary school are in charge!

For this Shetland Life we have written some articles about crofting, lambing and spring. We also have put together some suggestions about things you can do in your free time in Shetland, so you never need to be bored again. We’ve interviewed some really interesting people too. You can find out who we spoke to when you buy the magazine.

We’ve really had a lot of fun working on this magazine. The best part of this experience for us has been working with friends and meeting new people. Going to The Shetland Times office and seeing the printer room was a highlight. We thought that there would be a lot of small printers, so we were quite surprised to find out that there was just one and that it was massive.
We liked working with Marian Armitage when she visited Sandwick School. Marian was really nice and really fun.

We’ve all done a lot of writing for this magazine. Writing the articles was hard work but it was worth it in the end. It was hard to think what you were going to write to start with but once you got it flowing it came much easier.
It would be good to do this again if we had the chance.
We’d like to say thanks to all the people who helped us get this magazine together: Genny and the people at The Shetland Times, Leanne the photographer, Marian Armitage and our teachers who’ve given us time to work on our articles in school.

Ella, Gracie, Kayden and Willum (on behalf of the entire editorial team)

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