Month: August 2017

September’s Shetland Life: out now!

This term looks set to be an exciting one for all of the staff and pupils at Anderson High School, as boxes are packed and plans made for the big move to the brand-new building at Staney Hill. It’s been interesting watching the school take shape so quickly over the last while and it will be great to see everyone settled in and enjoying their new space.

In order to commemorate this momentous move, we’ve decided to devote our September issue to education.
We get the ball rolling by meeting two Shetland teachers: one with a wealth of experience (the award-winning Irene Smith) and one new to teaching (the energetic Rhiannon Inkster). It was a privilege to speak to both of these women. Their dedication and enthusiasm to their work just shone through: with teachers like these, I’m beginning to see why my children have always seemed so excited about going to school every morning.

One of my favourite bits of this month was reading your recollections of school days: some amusing, some touching. Don’t forget to turn to page 10 to see what Christine de Luca, Jennifer Wadley and Charles Simpson (among others) have to say about their school days. The nostalgia fest continues in Dennis Coutts’ images of 1960s school days.
We all know that learning doesn’t stop at school though. Peter Tomlinson hears from two young people who are getting ready to fly the nest and study on the mainland, and we also hear inspirational success stories from local apprentices.

Jonathan Wills shares an amusing story of his part in a 1967 student demonstration and ex-teacher and writer Donald S Murray, who is currently touring schools on the mainland, shares the fruits of a recent creative collaboration.
All this and also the chance to find out about what the Taste of Shetland Food Festival has to offer, marvel at Richard Shucksmith’s tales and photographs of whale watching and delight in the winning entries to the Shetland Boat week competition.

Hope you enjoy the magazine and all the wonderful things on offer in Shetland this September.

School Days

We asked some well-known Shetlanders to share their school day memories with us. It was a delight to read tales of “low-level delinquency” and escaping budgies as well as stories of how inspirational teachers touched the lives of their students.

One of the best fun parts of putting the magazine together this month was having a chuckle at the old school photos you kindly contributed. Any guesses as to who this mysterious “lady” in red is?

Teaching inspirations of inspirational teachers

This month we spoke to two Shetland teachers (one experienced, one just starting out) about their views on education and their own experiences of learning and teaching.

We asked our teachers to bring along some objects which held special significance for them; items that had influenced their career choice.

Which award-winning teacher do you think chose this book as one of her items?

Pushing the boat out

We get underway on board the Swan, where we speak to Maggie Adamson and Alfie Page about their passion for sailing. Don’t miss Calum Toogood’s excellent photographs of the young sailors aboard this beautiful vessel. And, if their tales of life on the high seas stir your salty heart, don’t forget that you can book your very own nautical adventure onboard the Swan too – just visit their website.