Month: October 2017

October’s issue: out on Friday the 7th!

With atmospheric conditions now at optimum level it is now time to start reading our supernatural themed issue – just in time for the lengthening nights of October and Halloween.

Local photographer Ivan Hawick is no stranger to spooky places. Autumn and winter nights often find him sitting alone in deserted spots around Shetland, patiently waiting for the perfect shot. Turn to page four for Ivan’s eerie photographs of haunted houses, and read the stories behind the images.

Readers of a nervous disposition would do very well to avoid Davy Cooper’s tale, “Lang lies Lowrie” on page seven. If, however, you enjoy the feeling of being terrified out of your wits, then go right ahead and read it. I challenge you to read a more gruesome story this month.

Social anthropologist Alexa Fitzgibbon has been studying local folklore since her arrival on these islands 11 years ago. Don’t miss her intriguing article, which thoughtfully explores the relationship between Shetland’s living and dead.

Regular contributor Alex Garrick-Wright has a keen interest in the supernatural. This issue, Alex looks into the events surrounding the Scalloway Witch Trials of 1616 and, in a separate feature, recounts some of the spooky Shetland stories collected by Victorian adventurer and artist John Thomas Reid.

The supernatural-fest continues, with tales gathered from around Shetland. With stunning photography by May Graham and illustrations by promising young artists Eilidh and Cailean Johnson, we think you’ll find this magazine scarily good.

Taste of Shetland

After last month’s hugely successful Taste of Shetland event, we have not one but two mouth-wateringly good food articles written by local chefs.

Akshay Borges writes about the motivation behind his pop-up seafood venture. He also shares a recipe for fresh plaice with cabbage slaw (pictured).

In another article, last year’s Shetland Food Festival winner Christopher Percival reports back on his prize: a fine dining experience at Leith restaurant.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wulver?

Forget blood-thirsty monsters howling at the moon: Shetland’s version of the werewolf is much gentler and more refined. Read our interview with Italian research student Chiara Passarini, whose quest to learn more about da Wulver took her to all the way to Unst.

And don’t miss Heyddir Johnson’s evocative dialect poem “Da Wulver”.


This month, photographer May Graham returns with some truly spell-binding Island Women. May says of her most recent photo shoot: “I love getting together with people to take their photos. We always have such a laugh and I am thankful I have people who are willing for me to photograph them”.

Continuing our supernatural theme, we have photography by John Coutts. Check out some archive footage of the Shetland Annual Zombiefest for some Halloween costume inspiration!

Shetland’s spookiest spots

This month, we celebrate the lengthening nights with a tour of Shetland’s haunted houses in the company of local legend, Ivan Hawick. This fearless photographer visited three seriously spooky locations in the dead of night, and waited hours to get the perfect picture. Don’t miss our interview with Ivan and the chance to read the stories behind each shot.