February’s issue – out now!

It’s the time of year when we begin to look forward to longer (and hopefully milder) days. Time to adjust the slothful habits of winter so that we can begin to blossom into fitter and more streamlined versions of ourselves.

With this in mind, our February issue focuses on sport and well-being. Shetland boasts such an incredible amount of welcoming clubs and organisations that even the most committed couch potato could find something to interest them. Whether you’re new to sport, or simply looking to find a new pastime we hope you’ll find some inspiration here.

While not exactly a couch potato, I’m well aware that I could do with being much more active. It was my sincere intention to try out all the sports featured in this issue, so that I could report back on my experiences here. Sadly, work commitments meant that I didn’t manage to achieve my goal. However, we have started playing regular family games of table tennis on the kitchen table, and once my ability level has raised above the guaranteed loser mark, I’d love to venture to the Friday night sessions at Sandwick. In the meantime, picking up all the shots I miss is probably fairly good exercise.

I might ease myself into my new sporty regime by going to one of Lana’s popular yoga sessions. Her Darth Vader breathing method sounds interesting, and it’s something I could certainly do with trying out round about deadline time, when hyperventilation is usually more the order of the day.

After a spot of yoga, I may feel sufficiently energised to continue in the sporty vein. A flick through the magazine offers a bewildering array of options (and I know that there are many more not mentioned in this issue). I could make the most of Shetland’s beautiful scenery and try kayaking or horse-riding. While I have never kayaked in Shetland, I have tried Icelandic horse-riding and it was an experience I would love to repeat.

Or else I might follow in the footsteps of Andrew Aitken, Catriona Barr and Charlotte Black and try out the favourite cycle routes, outdoor swims and off-road runs they describe so beautifully.

The only sport mentioned in this magazine which I might draw the line at trying is medieval armed combat. But never say never…

And after all that sport, it would definitely be time to treat myself to a massage. Angela Sinclair speaks to Shetland Life about her work and her “no hands” style of massage. You can win a session with Angela, by entering the competition at the back of the magazine.

As well as sport, we have Richard Shucksmith’s expert advice on how to photograph otters, life hacks from Bryan Peterson, an interview with the brains behind the new musical enterprise The Bop Club and much more!
We’ve been enjoying reading all of your nominations for inspirational Shetland women. There’s still time to make a nomination – please contact sleditor@shetlandtimes.co.uk by February the 10th if you’d like a woman you know to feature in our special women’s issue.

Hope you enjoy the magazine.