This month, yoga instructor Lana Hodge shares some yoga poses specially designed for mothers and mothers-to-be. Look inside the magazine to see Lana’s sequence for the “Salute to Baby” sun salutation with an easy-to-follow photo sequence by local photographer Sophie Whitehead.

Here are Lana’s 3 yoga poses to relieve back pain during pregnancy: 

  1. On the inhalation move your chest forward, then lean to your right. On the exhalation, round your back and shift your torso slightly back and then lean to your left. Rotate your body with a breath, leaning forward on inhalation and rounding your spine while moving back on the exhalation.
  2. Eagle pose (Garudasana) – Bring your two hands together with the elbows close to each other. Take the right arm around the left arm and make the right palm touch the left palm. At this point, your two arms should be intertwined like snakes. Keep your spine straight and relax your shoulders. Change hands.
  3. Gomukhasana pose – Extend your left arm up toward the ceiling with your palm facing forward. Then, bend your left elbow and bring your left hand to your spine. Extend your right arm to the side with your palm facing down. Internally rotate your arm so your palm faces behind you. Then, bend your right elbow and bring your right hand up the centre of your back. Tuck your forearm into the hollow of your lower back. Then change your hands to do the same for the other side.
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