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With the dark nights of winter receding ever further into memory, the long-awaited Shetland summer is finally here. For many of us this means a couple of months of intense activity: an almost manic desire to soak up every last ray of sunlight on offer, even if it means abandoning the recommended eight hours of sleep for a couple of months.

What to do and where to go? Although Shetland has its (justifiably) renowned beauty spots, there are many more slightly off-the-beaten-track places that are deserving of a visit. Places where you can walk, go for a wild swim, set up camp or just take a picnic and enjoy the sunset.

One of the great things about compiling this particular issue has been perusing readers’ suggestions for Shetland “bests”. Such lists can be highly subjective and are often influenced by one’s personal memories – but this is what makes them so special. I hope that locals and visitors alike will find seasonal inspiration here.

Things are not just picking up weather-wise: da Street seems to have a new lease of life, with a number of exciting new enterprises appearing (or set to appear in the near future). The pop-up Taste of Shetland shop is a particularly welcome addition, and it’s great to hear that it’s being so well-supported by the local community. Now all we need is a beer garden in a light, sheltered location (potential entrepreneurs please take note: this is a definite gap in the market).

Have we missed anything out of our “Best of Shetland” issue? Do you disagree with any of our selected high­lights? Don’t forget to keep in touch with us via social media or email:

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