The Magic Toolbox

Jane Cockayne shares with Shetland Life her short-story, The Magic Toolbox which is aimed at helping children deal with everyday emotions. In the April issue we published the first of a series of Tool Tricks which can help children identify and deal with their feelings and emotions. This is the full story and each month Jane will provide Shetland Life with a new Tool to use.

David is full of energy
David is cool
He rides his bike
to Scalloway school.

Some days David is happy in class
Other days he shouts, ‘NO’
He says to his mum;
‘I am NOT going to go.’

Mrs Fox was the head teacher
She has curly hair,
David waits outside her office
Sitting on a chair.

‘Come in David, tell me what’s up?’
He says, ‘my feelings are messy inside,
They feel too big,
I want to run away and hide.’

Mrs Fox looked at David
and had a think
‘I have a great plan’ she said
and gave him a wink!

‘Call all the children and Caroline too
She will come, she knows what to do,
In the basement is a dusty box
It’s time to look inside,’ said Mrs Fox.

Caroline came in a jiffy
Wearing stripy tights
The children tried to sit still
But they were high as kites

Caroline said,

Inside the magic box
Are lots of feelings tools
You can use them anywhere,
At home, outside, in schools!

Feelings are visitors
Watch them come and go
Feelings can move fast
Or sometimes they slowly grow

Feelings are important
Each and every one
Lets open the magic box
Our work has just begun…”

All the children enjoyed
Using the feelings tools
They can use them anywhere,
Not just in schools

David tried using the Still Stone
‘Am I using the it the right way?’
Caroline smiled and said,
‘Yes! It takes practice each and every day…’

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  1. Heather M Moncrieff

    Yun’s absolutely fabulous. Weel done Jane. Whit a brilliant resource.
    Much needed strategy. Emotional overload is such a difficult aspect for everybody, especially a young person to cope we.
    Love da artwork too 👏♥️
    Cheers HMM x

    • Shetland Life

      Couldn’t agree more, this is a wonderful resource and we’re so grateful to Jane for sharing it with Shetland Life.

  2. Jen Bragg

    Fantastic. Can we please have more.
    Beautifully done ❤️

    • Shetland Life

      Thank you for the feedback, I’m sure Jane will be delighted to read this. Thank you.

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