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Happy New Year!

Welcome to this very special final issue of Shetland Life. This month has (as would be expected) an Up-Helly-A’ feel as we get behind the scenes access into the life of Guizer Jarl-elect, Liam Summers, as he prepares to take over the flaming torch from 2019 Jarl John Nicolson…

We at Shetland Life would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has read, contributed and participated in the Shetland Life community over the years. We have truly loved bringing you the magazine every month and hope that you enjoy this final edition as much as we enjoyed making it.

As ever, have a grand old (Viking) month and enjoy Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

Home or away

Welcome to this December issue of Shetland Life. This issue has a festive feel. We speak to Shetlanders who are spending Christmas home and away and Eileen Brooke-Freeman takes a look back at the sport of festive fitba in Shetland.

Stuck for a Christmas gift idea? Lindsay Tonner shares her pick of the best books of 2019 available in the Shetland Times Bookshop.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson considers how we can all have a more sustainable Christmas without removing the joy and Gill Nadin shares a makkin project so that you can decorate your tree with some beautiful hand-crafted decorations.

December is a month filled with Christmas parties and to get your party started Alex Garrick-Wright has been to Mareel and sampled his pick of the best cocktails to get your celebrations off to a flying start.

All this and more in the December issue of Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

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As ever, have a great month and enjoy Shetland Life – OUT NOW!


Home or away Games:

The tissue box game
Toilet paper target practice

Face the cookie game

The cereal box game

Spaghetti tower marshmallow challenge


Welcome to this month’s issue of Shetland Life. April has come in with a bang, the clocks have changed, and we’re beginning to really feel the returning sun in the evenings.

Join Shetland Life for this April issue as we take to the seas again, but this time we’re heading underwater to discover the fate of the Spanish Armada vessel, El Gran Grifón, with Dr Colin Martin who led excavations on the wreck in the 1970s. We also hear the poignant and tragic tale of HMS E 49 which was lost in the First World War, and Laurie Goodlad takes to the water and discovers the joy of snorkelling in the first of a series where readers are invited to Challenge the Editor.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson talks beach cleaning, and Alex Garrick-Wright meets Dirk Robertson on the eve of his exhibition at Shetland Museum & Archives. We also welcome Misa Hay to our team, and she talks us through all things gardening in Shetland. We’re delighted to have Misa with us. She has been growing from her garden in Tingwall for a number of years, producing food for her family and the table, fresh from the garden. She writes a very inspiring blog about gardening at 60 north which you can find at

There’s so much to shout about in Shetland at the moment, and with the clocks springing forward we’re now enjoying longer days, so please let us know how you spend the light nights, are you getting out into the garden or perhaps packing a picnic after work and heading to the hills? Whatever you’re up to, we love to hear about it, use our hashtag for the chance to be featured online or in the magazine #myshetlandlife.

It’s been encouraging to see so many new subscribers joining our readership and signing up to the printed magazine subscription during the first three months of 2019. Remember you can subscribe to Shetland life online at and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions at

As ever, have a great month and enjoy Shetland Life –  OUT NOW!

A new year, a new start

This month Shetland Life are set to dive into the New Year feet first and we hope that you will join us for the ride. We go through the keyhole, taking a sneaky peek behind the scenes of Squad 43. And, with Up-Helly-A’ looming, we meet this year’s Jarl, John Nicolson, and discover how he became the fourth Nicolson Jarl – following in the footsteps of his father and brothers before him.

For those opting for better health and wellbeing in 2019, look out for our new columnist, Ali Grundon Robertson who this month focuses on consumerism. Finally, our new feature – in collaboration with RSPB Scotland – introduces a monthly Nature Calendar and examines the health benefits of a daily dose of fresh air, ensuring that you put your best foot forward into the New Year.

What are you waiting for? Look out for this month’s Shetland Life, in shops and online now!