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Happy New Year!

Welcome to this very special final issue of Shetland Life. This month has (as would be expected) an Up-Helly-A’ feel as we get behind the scenes access into the life of Guizer Jarl-elect, Liam Summers, as he prepares to take over the flaming torch from 2019 Jarl John Nicolson…

We at Shetland Life would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has read, contributed and participated in the Shetland Life community over the years. We have truly loved bringing you the magazine every month and hope that you enjoy this final edition as much as we enjoyed making it.

As ever, have a grand old (Viking) month and enjoy Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

Home or away

Welcome to this December issue of Shetland Life. This issue has a festive feel. We speak to Shetlanders who are spending Christmas home and away and Eileen Brooke-Freeman takes a look back at the sport of festive fitba in Shetland.

Stuck for a Christmas gift idea? Lindsay Tonner shares her pick of the best books of 2019 available in the Shetland Times Bookshop.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson considers how we can all have a more sustainable Christmas without removing the joy and Gill Nadin shares a makkin project so that you can decorate your tree with some beautiful hand-crafted decorations.

December is a month filled with Christmas parties and to get your party started Alex Garrick-Wright has been to Mareel and sampled his pick of the best cocktails to get your celebrations off to a flying start.

All this and more in the December issue of Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

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Home or away Games:

The tissue box game
Toilet paper target practice

Face the cookie game

The cereal box game

Spaghetti tower marshmallow challenge

Woolly extravaganza

Welcome to this September issue of Shetland Life. August was quite a month with the by-election and all the politics that came along knocking at our doors. My editorial became a despairing rant, so I’ll try to keep this upbeat.

The September issue is a woolly extravaganza. Misa Hay takes a look back over 10 years of Shetland Wool Week, and we have features from some well-known, and loved, knitwear business owners. We meet Joanna Hunter-Coe as Joanna Hunter Knitwear celebrates its 20th anniversary and Ella Gordon unravels the world of social platform, Ravelry. Elsewhere, Terri Malcolmson shares a heather inspired hat to keep us all warm as the autumn days take hold and Fenton & Friends get their ganzies on as they explore Fair Isle knitwear and its roots.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson considers foraging in Shetland and Violet McQuade takes on a journey through the history of the Skerries – the island where she grew up.

As we approach the final quarter of another fantastic year, we would love to hear from you. Do you have an idea for Shetland Life or feedback on the magazine? What have we done well? What would you like to see more of in the coming year? What have you not enjoyed? – hit us with it; we are always keen to get your views and opinions.

And finally, if you want to read my despairing September editorial then do go and buy the magazine!

All this and more in the September issue of Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

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Intergenerational working

In our April issue of Shetland Life, we feature a piece on intergenerational working and the Inspiring Purpose Project which saw Shetland scoop the top prize at an awards ceremony in Edinburgh last year. The full feature is available in the April issue (out now). The following are the stories written about the servicemen who were selected and researched as part of this fascinating project.

We have also included a piece from the Shetland Life archive which looks at the story of ‘A Shetlander who influenced the course of World War One’ (Shetland Life, August 1987).

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we did and please give them a share on Facebook!

Insipring Purpose Stories

Christian Tait & Aimee Williams

Morag Nicolson & Vaila Thompson

Pat Christie & Elise Rendall

Sonia & James Inkster

A Shetlander who influenced the course of World War One

Magnus Nicolson Story

The spirit of Christmas

This month we celebrate local examples of altruism: from Michael Grant’s selfless work with RNLI to the collective good-will and energy that have gone towards fund-raising for an MRI scanner. If you’re feeling touched by the spirit of Christmas, our special advent calendar provides a good deed suggestion for every day of the month…

Always, don’t miss our kindness nominations! Debbie Ratter’s (pictured) tale of seasonal kindness brought tears to our eyes.

Be inspired

In November’s issue, we celebrate the boundless creativity of Shetlanders in textiles, literature, the performing arts, music and technology.

We speak to Hazel Tindall about her enduring love of wool, hear about the process behind The Impostors’ improvised comedy and meet the finalists at the Taste of Shetland cooking competition.


Love Island

Summer’s a romantic time of year, isn’t it? Long walks on the beach, secluded picnics in the sun, and warm evenings that never seem to end. Romance is in the air, and this month Shetland Life is taking a look at love — celebrating it, reminiscing about it, and seeking it out in the first place. We’ve looked at love in Shetland from many different angles to make sure there’s something for everyone.

So whether you’re leafing through as you idly swipe away on Tinder, or you’re curled up with your sweetheart, read on and enjoy!

The girl in the photograph

Life story
If you don’t believe in fate; read on. Dale Smith recounts a real-life love story of chance that might just change your mind.

The large framed photograph, currently hanging in Isles­burgh Community Centre’s Room 9, had intrigued the staff for years. Not even the long-established employees knew who the two teenage girls pictured were. All that changed one day when Janice Drummond confirmed that one of the girls  was her auntie.

What is a Shetlander?

What is a Shetlander?

As an incomer to these islands I’ve found that this question can result in heated debate. Some folk believe that a Shetlander can be anyone who lives here; others maintain that your family needs to have been in Shetland for at least two generations before you can go making any such claims for yourself. Then of course, there are all kinds of Shetlander definitions in between these two poles.

Genevieve White, Editor