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Summer has arrived – AT LAST!

Welcome to this month’s issue of Shetland Life! We have another action-packed issue in store for you this month, bursting with fantastic features. It seems that our long-anticipated summer finally did arrive last weekend as we basked in some record-breaking temperatures. It’s been long-awaited, and it was great to see so many of you out and about, using the hashtag #myshetlandlife to share with us your summer holidays. Have you taken part in any of our bucket list suggestions? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please email any photos to sleditor@shetlandlife.co.uk.

Not only has summer arrived, but Shetland received another accolade – third best in the UK and Western Europe for cruise passengers. In this issue, Ryan Taylor considers the impact of cruise tourism on the islands. We meet a few of our most loved four-legged friends, the Shetland pony. In this month’s Life Story Ryan Nicolson chats with Carol Fullerton on the Ramnaberg Stud and we meet the Shetland Pony Breeders in the latest of our features from Promote Shetland.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson considers sustainable swaps that we can all make to make our lives more sustainable, and Akshay Borges gives us the lowdown on what it was like to work in a Michelin-starred kitchen for a week.

All this and more in the August issue of Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

Remember to send any comments or suggestions you may have to sleditor@shetlandtimes.co.uk. And, whatever you’re up to, we love to hear about it, use our hashtag for the chance to be featured online or in the magazine #myshetlandlife.

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As ever, have a great month and enjoy Shetland Life – OUT NOW!


Shetland’s spookiest spots

This month, we celebrate the lengthening nights with a tour of Shetland’s haunted houses in the company of local legend, Ivan Hawick. This fearless photographer visited three seriously spooky locations in the dead of night, and waited hours to get the perfect picture. Don’t miss our interview with Ivan and the chance to read the stories behind each shot.

October’s issue out now!

As the nights lengthen and the mornings start to get nippy, the prospect of “home” becomes ever more appealing. Whether your house is an immaculate hymn to minimalism or the cosy place you hoard your bruck, I hope you enjoy our October issue.

Shetlanders are famed for their hospitality, and the owners of the two beautiful houses we visited for our “Through the Keyhole” feature certainly embodied this trait. On each visit, photographer Floortje Robertson and I were made to feel perfectly at home; we were offered tea, fancies, biscuits and (in one case) a swimsuit.

Keeping on the home theme, Missy Mullay of Lottie’s Laft talks about the inspiration behind her up-cycling business, while Louise Thomason’s fashion column this month focuses on loungewear (for these days when you really don’t feel like venturing over your own front door).

In keeping with the time of year (don’t forget that we have Halloween to look forward to at the end of this month!) some of this month’s features have a slightly spooky feel. Alex Garrick-Wright decided to test his mettle (and that of two companions) by staying overnight in Shetland’s most haunted house. You can read the first instalment in his two-part series on page 12. (As there is to be a second part, I can only conclude that Alex is alive and well, having suffered no life-threatening supernatural encounters. Unless the second part is ghost-written?) Floortje Robertson shares some atmospheric photographs of abandoned croft houses in Shetland and reflects on her life-long fascination with these eerie yet fascinating places.

It’s almost impossible to think about home without reflecting on the estimated 65 million people worldwide who have been displaced by conflict. Jacqui Clark meets Katharine Rose Williams Radojičić, a theatre professional who is involved in “Crew for Calais”. We also hear from Karen and David Clubb, Shetlanders living in Sweden who have opened their homes to four young refugees from Afghanistan. Two inspirational stories.

Shetland Life is always keen to nurture new talent, so we are delighted to welcome Aleks McKay to our team of contributors. Aleks has been getting some work experience this month, and has been a real asset to the magazine: look out for his interview with Foodbank volunteers Angela Nunn and David Grieve.

I’ve been doing a bit more travelling than usual this month, and have enjoyed short trips to Switzerland and Lithuania. On both trips I experienced warm welcomes, delicious cuisine and breath-taking scenery. Yet, no matter how much fun I have on my travels, nothing beats landing on the runway at Sumburgh or emerging from the ferry terminal into a fresh Lerwick morning. I feel very lucky to be able to call Shetland “home”.

 Another bonus the colder days bring with them is carte blanche to eat and drink just a little bit more than usual (for insulating purposes, you understand). November’s Shetland Life, therefore, is going to be all about food and drink. See you soon!