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Training with Shetland’s strongest man


In July’s Shetland Life, Andrew Hutton writes about his shift “on the Factory floor”. In this special guest blog post, he lists what his session consisted of.

The warm up for the warm up. This consisted of going into the adjoining field and walking up and down it a number of times. The field walk wasn’t just a case of wandering around: each turn in the field was marked out with string on evenly spaced fence posts. No short cuts here!


Weight training. Apparently our trek through the Whiteness countryside didn’t count as a proper warm up and soon enough, some kettle bells were introduced into the mix. Starting off with a 6kg kettle bell, I was asked to swing it for six reps. I was reminded to use my hips and not my back. This emphasis on the correct posture continued throughout the session.

Leg Raisers. With the help of straps suspended from the roof, I proceeded to raise my knees to my chest for 10 reps, before extending my legs straight out in front of me for 10 reps.

A cardio session. This was something I didn’t expect to be doing when I agreed to the Factory session!  I was asked to jog for around 20 metres before sprinting all out on the way back, repeating the process six times.

More weight lifting. Nowhere in The Factory had I seen a regular set of dumbbells, so I knew I was in for something new and exciting, and I wasn’t disappointed! On my way in, I had noticed some tyres leaning against the wall. Trainer Bryan Pearson soon had one of them on the floor and showed me the technique for flipping it. A wide stance, straight back and a good grip were key. This was actually good fun and gave a good sense of achievement. Luckily for me, Bryan decided we didn’t have time for the largest tyre, one which would have looked at home on a quarry truck!


The ‘Farmers Walk’. When I think of farmers, I think of cute caddie lambs. Unfortunately, there was no caddie lambs to hand, so old gas canisters were used. Having a good grip was the key to this exercise. Twice I raced around the drive way with these canisters. My forearms felt every step!

I asked Dhanni about the symbol used for The Factory logo: three shapes intertwined. Dhanni explained that the three shapes symbolised communication, learning and activity.

It was clear from my time in The Factory that this motto is paramount. No one works alone: there is always constant encouragement and advice going back and forth between everyone.

Fancy trying a Factory work-out for yourself? Get in touch via their Facebook page.








Get glowing!

July’s Shetland Life is all about health and fitness. Here’s raw food chef Heather Moncrieff with some top tips on how to look and feel your best −not just this month, but all year round!


A delicious cheesecake made from raw ingredients

Be Balanced

Need something between meals? Go for a snack – one that includes protein, fat, and carbohydrate. I like green apple wedges with nut butter. Alternatively, spread some pumpkin seed nut butter on a slice of one of the wonderful range of raw breads which are available at Scoop. The fat and protein in the nut butter curbs my hunger and also prevents my blood sugar from dipping or spiking too much.

Get steaming

I steam my veg if I feel like something warm, as this is one of the best cooking methods for maximizing taste and colour, while retaining the maximum amount of nutrients in vegetables (and fish if you are not vegan).  Vegetables have so much flavour: simply by steaming them and finishing off with some fresh herbs, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, you can produce a healthy, satisfying and delicious dish.

Discover coconut oil

Coconut oil is a true superfood. It contains fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. It can also prevent obesity and improve digestion. Best of all, it only takes 3 minutes to make your own, which will have none of the sugars or additives found in store bought goods.

Find out more about fermented foods

These are chock-full of “probiotics” or good bacteria. Having a healthy gut is a major factor in maintaining optimal health, as a robust immune system is your top defence system against all disease. There are lots of fermented food options out there. Kefir is a fermented milk product which tastes like a drinkable yogurt. It’s available from Scoop. Other more common fermented foods are Sauerkraut, Pickles and Miso.  They are delicious and brilliant sources of protein for any diet, especially a vegan one.

Try a colonic session

Colonics can help improve your body’s overall health and wellness, and may even reduce your risks for colon cancer.  If you wish to feel the health benefits having a colonic can bring you then please phone me at the clinic on 01595 482848, email me at hmm@shetland colonics.co.uk or contact me on my Facebook page at Shetland Colonics.