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December’s issue out now!


A word of warning. If you are in any way veering towards the “Bah Humbug” end of the spectrum when it comes to Christmas, you should probably steer well clear of Shetland Life this month and go and buy yourself a more sober publication instead. This month, our elves have been working around the clock to bring you a magazine which is dripping with festive cheer: we have the spirits of Shetland Christmases past, present and future and enough photos and features to keep you entertained until the end of this year.
As you can see from our front cover shot, we had a lovely golden-haired elf helping us with our work this month. She’s pictured during a flying visit to the COPE Christmas shop. As well as leaving a few early presents in the stockings, our elf checked Santa’s post-box. It was full of letters, and I’m not surprised – did you know that if you post your Santa letters at COPE you are guaranteed to get a reply from the great man himself?

While we’re on the subject of Santa and gifts, many years ago, Father Christmas kindly left me a copy of this very magazine in my stocking. It was not long after I had moved to Shetland, and I remember thoroughly enjoying it. I mention this on the off-chance that Father Christmas might be reading this editorial and be in need of some inspiration. Shetland Life makes a great stocking filler, and lasts so much longer than a packet of nuts.

We begin this month with the spirit of Christmas present. We were delighted when Santa agreed to give an exclusive interview to our very own Jeff Merrifield. You can learn all about the tracks of Father Christmas’ life in this month’s magazine. We also have award winning apprentice butcher Chris Wright’s tips on choosing meat for the big day, Anne Dickie’s advice on hosting festive dinner parties, some Christmas craft activities from Helen Robertson and our Through da Keyhole Christmas special in what must be the most festive home in Lerwick.

This is followed by some Christmas nostalgia, with Douglas C. Smith’s account of a wartime Christmas party, artist Amy Gear’s reflections on Christmases long ago, and some beautiful photography by Dennis Coutts.

We then move onto the spirit of Christmas future. And if this makes you think of a hooded spectre pointing silently to a gravestone, then don’t worry – it’s far jollier than that! Alex Garrick Wright is already anticipating what spirits he’ll be enjoying over the holiday season. He also makes some hilariously entertaining predictions about what will be on the pages of this magazine in the December 2036 edition.

All this and so much more!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Father Christmas for giving me six extra pages to fill this issue, and I also want to thank the Shetland Life team for having been such fun to work with these last few months. Finally, to all our wonderful readers and contributors I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year. Keep warm and well, and see you in 2017.