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Celebrating youth

Welcome to this November issue of Shetland Life. This issue is a celebration of Shetland’s young people who are doing wonderful things, and we explore these this month. You may have noticed the colourful cover? This is an illustration by talented Westside artist Marcus Johnston. Marcus tells Shetland Life all about his love of drawing, painting and writing. We meet local musical quartet Fjanna who are set to release their second studio album, and we travel to Northmavine where Roy Mullay shares his research on a fascinating piece of maritime history he has carried out about the 17th century Battle of Ronas Voe.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson tackles recycling, the myths and the facts. This is a must-read for anyone who has concerns about what happens to our recycling in Shetland.

November is a month of remembrance, and Jon Sandison shares the story of the Hardy family and their strong connections to the War Memorial in Lerwick.

Dale Smith shares some photographic highlights from last month’s School of Ballet performance, Ebb & Flow and Alex Garrick-Wright meets the dinosaurs in Eid that have been brought back to life with a new lick of paint.

We would love to hear from you for our December issue. Are you going away for the festive period, or are you a home bird that plans to deck the halls at home? Does the thought of going away leave you feeling homesick or are you counting down the days till you jet off? Whatever you’re planning, we’d love to hear from you!

All this and more in the November issue of Shetland Life – OUT NOW!

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March’s issue: out now!

This month’s magazine celebrates getting out and about in Shetland. After the long months of winter inertia, comfort eating and early nights, it’s a great time of year for enjoying all the wonders on our doorstep.
In March’s Shetland Life, Alex Garrick-Wright visits Michaelswood to find out the story behind the most recent addition to this very special place (look out for Alexa Fitzgibbon’s gorgeous accompanying photographs too). Karen MacKelvie writes about the riches to be found in rockpools and we learn about the tracks of local writer and naturalist Jill Slee Blackadder’s life. Alistair Christie-Johnson shares his favourite Yell based walk and Douglas C. Smith reminisces about a snowy March over 60 years ago, along with the dare-devilish sledging opportunities it offered he and his friends.
As anyone will tell you, if you want to experience the great outdoors in Shetland, you’ll need to be dressed for it. Luckily, Louise Thomason is on hand with some advice to help you look good while staying warm and dry.
It’s all very well getting ourselves out of the house, but what about our children? There’s plenty of food for thought in Alex Garrick’s Wright article about young Shetlanders’ growing disconnect with nature (on page 14). I’ve had the chance to ponder this issue myself recently, as I’ve stood around on windy street corners watching my son catch Pokemon on his phone (there are loads outside da Wheel Bar in case you’re interested). When you need to resort to blatant bribery to get your child over the front door, something has to change. If you’re in a similar boat, check out Alex’s helpful list of local child-friendly nature promoting organisations.
There’s lots of exciting community news too: Debra Nicolson writes about the challenges and rewards of rehearsing for the Shetland County Drama festival, Raman Mundair reflects on a recent arts project she delivered in Wastview care home, the COPE gardeners are back with news and horticultural tips, and local food producer David Poleson shares some delicious saat fish recipes.
See you in April, when (with a little bit of luck) winter should be well and truly out for the count. Wishing you all a wonderful spring time.

If you go down to the woods today…

…you’re sure of a big surprise. Who would have expected to find life-size dinosaurs in Aith?

In March’s Shetland Life, Alex Garrick-Wright ventures into Michaelswood to find out how the dinosaurs came to Shetland. Alexa Fitzgibbon captures the magic of this very special place in some beautiful photographs.

If you like to get out and about in Shetland, what’s your favourite place to go? Pop a comment in the box below and share your recommendations.