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Celebrating youth

Welcome to this November issue of Shetland Life. This issue is a celebration of Shetland’s young people who are doing wonderful things, and we explore these this month. You may have noticed the colourful cover? This is an illustration by talented Westside artist Marcus Johnston. Marcus tells Shetland Life all about his love of drawing, painting and writing. We meet local musical quartet Fjanna who are set to release their second studio album, and we travel to Northmavine where Roy Mullay shares his research on a fascinating piece of maritime history he has carried out about the 17th century Battle of Ronas Voe.

Elsewhere, Ali Grundon Robertson tackles recycling, the myths and the facts. This is a must-read for anyone who has concerns about what happens to our recycling in Shetland.

November is a month of remembrance, and Jon Sandison shares the story of the Hardy family and their strong connections to the War Memorial in Lerwick.

Dale Smith shares some photographic highlights from last month’s School of Ballet performance, Ebb & Flow and Alex Garrick-Wright meets the dinosaurs in Eid that have been brought back to life with a new lick of paint.

We would love to hear from you for our December issue. Are you going away for the festive period, or are you a home bird that plans to deck the halls at home? Does the thought of going away leave you feeling homesick or are you counting down the days till you jet off? Whatever you’re planning, we’d love to hear from you!

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Casting on

It’s almost time for Shetland Wool Week. Towards the end of this month, Shetland will welcome hundreds of visitors from all over the world, instantly recognisable as festival goers by their colourful woollen attire and jaunty toories.


In Niela Nell’s studio

I have often wondered about the extent to which our textile artists are inspired by the textures and colours of the Shetland landscape. Surely peaty hills, fields of wispy bog blanket and beach finds must feed their creativity? In this issue we speak to Niela Nell, Margaret Johnson and Izabela Delnicka about their sources of inspiration.


One of Margaret Johnson’s works in progress

Our featured photographer, Emma Dawn Coote, takes us on a photographic tour of Jamieson’s of Shetland (Incidentally, Emma also persuaded our cover star into the jumper she is modelling on the front page: the work of a Shetland Life featured photographer is never dull).


At Jamieson’s Spinning Mill

Sunshine and Shadow


Izabela Delnicka and Lynn McCormack (Photo: Edina Szeles)

Anyone who is in any doubt about the future of art and craft in Shetland needs to get along to the Shetland College Degree Show and End of Year Exhibition. The college has been transformed by the colourful art work which stretches along corridors, meanders in and out of classrooms and flows up and down flights of stairs. It is all testament to the great work which is being done to nurture Shetland’s artistic talent.

The Degree Show consists of the work of two artists: Lynn McCormack and Izabela Delnicka. The vibrant colours of Ms Delnicka’s scarves immediately grab the visitor’s attention; Ms McCormack’s shadowy effects are subtler, but no less powerful. The two markedly different styles complement each other perfectly: this is an exhibition of sunshine and shade.

Bold and beautiful colours

Bold and beautiful colours

Both artists cite Shetland as an inspiration. Ms Delnicka’s scarves combine her interest in cultural identity with the bold colours found in Mexican ceramics and floral patterns. She believes that the long, dark Shetland winters have made her more aware of the importance of colour in design. Ms Delnicka explains: “As we struggle to see the ‘joy’ outside in winter, the touch of vivid colours makes things look brighter and more alive”.

On this reviewer's wish-list!

On this reviewer’s wish-list!

Lynn McCormack’s knitted structures explore the world of shadows and “the idea of the seen and unseen.” She adds: “Growing up in Shetland, I’ve always been very aware of light and shade. It’s always fascinated me”.

An air conditioning fan in the corner of the room makes the sparkling, bell like pieces dance and their shadows move with them. The effect is both mesmerising and other worldly.

Lynn McCormack explores light and shade

Lynn McCormack explores light and shade

Asked why she chose to embark on the degree course, Ms McCormack says that she was brought up to be “very practical”. She adds: “This was my chance to get in touch with my creative side. I’ve had three children and I just thought it was time to do something for myself. I’m so glad I did. I’ve been really happy with this course and with the support offered by tutors”.


The End of Year Exhibition was bursting with colourful art work. There are far too many highlights to mention here. You’ll just have to go along and see it for yourself.

Martin Fullerton's "Kenny Komodo Dragon"

Martin Fullerton’s “Kenny Komodo Dragon”

The exhibitions are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm until the 17th of June. Catch it while you can – you have just one week left.

Rhea Kay's knitted garment

Rhea Kay’s knitted garment